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Setting up your own site

So of course you've come up with an idea that's completely 'original' and you're setting about creating your own identity online. There are so many online platforms that can help you to create a website (Wix being one of them) making a website far more achievable than ever before.

I would say that I am moderately experienced when it comes to web design and so I had fairly high expectations of what I could create using a cloud based content management system. Like most I've been subjected to Wix's marketing online and on the TV so it was the fist platform I explored, and so far I'm mildly impressed - but do these online CMS's really allow anyone to be a web designer?

Or... Are you currently doing this?


What do you want to achieve? If you want nothing more than somewhere to point people and you aren't reliant on search traffic than a cloud based content management system is for you, no doubt you'll enjoy playing around with the various functions and apps. However, if you are looking for business or traffic I'd definitely suggest some online tutorials, training or some advice before getting started. There are some fairly fundamental steps that are likely to be overlooked if you have no previous experience building or working on a website.

What do you want your site to look like? Before getting started it worth asking yourself whether you have enough media to populate a site. Do you have a corporate identity? A desired colour pallet? Do you have the skills or ability to edit media? Cloud based CMS's often give you the opportunity to edit images to a degree but if you are looking for some very specific effects than you might find them limiting.

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