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Campers... The Way Forward?

We've all been stuck behind one as they selfishly bimble along the countryside with no mind for the 10 mile tailback left in their wake. If you're lucky the driver may glace in his or her mirrors for long enough to realise and eventually pull over.

As we're doing stereo types of course as you pass you expect to see a middle aged man driving, his wife in the passenger seat holding a map, two pasty children and a Labradoodle in the back.

Honestly I couldn't think of anything worse than Camper-Vanning, until now.

Me and my wife decided to find a cheap way of going away and combing our hobbies - motorcycles and walking. If it sounds counter intuitive, its because it is! However hiking often attracts walkers to similar terrains and locations as the ones that appeal to bikers - hills, mountains and scenery. The issue is that we need a car large enough to haul a mountain of camping equipment, a suitcase (or 3) and a trailer to bring a motorbike and all the associated kit that goes with it. And - even if you have such a vehicle your poor motorcycle will be exposed to the elements and you'll be forever stopping at the services to allow your wife to empty her micro bladder.

Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to introduce you to the Just Go, Adventurer Motorhome.

We hired this 6 birth camper from Just Go who retail and rent a camper for every size and application. Just Go Motorhomes are based in Bedfordshire, easily accessed from Junction 12 of the M1 and can be visited prior to making your booking, which we did to ensure that we chose a model that could accommodate our motorbike. The Adventure model is based on a 3.5t Ford Transit with a 4 cylinder diesel engine and automatic gearbox, which anyone over 25 can drive on a standard car licence.

Costs: For 3 nights in Feb collecting Thursday PM and returning Monday AM cost just £170, though this is their off peak season. In addition to the rental fees you'll be expected to provide a credit card for the £1000 deposit returned around 10 days after its safe return.

What do you get?: Just Go provide you with the essentials to get going which includes gas (LPG), electrical hook ups, water hoses and the main kitchen essentials.

Find out more about renting a camper van from Just Go Motorhomes:

If you'd like to know more about Camper Vanning in Wales and things to do read our travel blog.

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