Aprilia RS 125 Two-Stroke Restoration Project


If there's one thing that I have learned from restoring a motorcycle it's patience. The anticipation of the finished result can push you to make decisions that are expensive to rectify and so if you take nothing else away from this Vlog heed my advice - be patient. And so it begins...

My Aprilia RS 125 arrives with little more history than the V5 and the odometer to tell me anything about its history. I know it's been owned by 15 very careful 17 year old's who have collectively covered 30,000 km and obviously maintained the bike to the highest standard - not so much.

This bikes last owner assured me that he'd "nearly completed" the restoration and that it needed "just a few more bits" to be finished. By this he meant more than £1500 and 40+ hours of labour of course.  Needless to say the only thing that this bike had going for it was that the engine had genuinely been rebuilt recently, it started and all of the gears worked.

So I needed to know what I was in for and set about testing the bike's electronics before stripping the fairings off for a closer look at the mechanics. Thankfully everything seems to work as it should, though I do notice a rather annoying Datatool alarm that needed to be removed before it killed my battery. So then, I strip off all the fairings taking note of anything damaged or missing as I go.

LRI TIP: Always make a note of where you've removed a bolt from and keep them safe in a ziplock bag, you'll need them later!