We're consumers just like you, and just like you we research major emotional purchases online before handing over our money. 

We're also Marketers, which gives us a unique perspective on purchase behaviours. The digital world has changed the way that we buy, we're more informed (if we choose to be). This allows us to make more educated decisions  about the products we purchase.


The world has changed, traditional advertising is so abundant that its just white noise. Email marketing effectiveness is at an all time low, but video marketing is currently trending.

We reach out to your customers through unbiased video content, which we create for free. Because the content isn't associated with your directly its likely to be trusted by a consumer.


Our primary channel is YouTube. Our followers are growing by the day and are very engaged. We amplify our content through traditional social medias and work with our clients to boost the success of content with free consultation. 

Many of our clients return to work with us in a more formal consultative capacity.


We've worked with all kinds of brands some world famous like Royal Enfield, viewed 80k times to small brands such as GiveMe cosmetics who've seen a huge amplification in online sales.

Our reviews can be tailored to your needs and can highlight specific features and USP's. We don't review products that sit outside of our interests but can create bespoke content instead.

Ben Grayson Lets Review It Motorcycle Re


Bike loving, adventure seeking, truck driving, mountain climbing, airplane gliding, wander lusting, motor fixing, market playing, design making, food obsessing content creator.

Former motorcycle racer, motorcycle franchise owner, National Marketing Manager for blue-chip automotive brands with 15 years experience in digital marketing.

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Ben Grayson Lets Review It Truck Driving
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Wander lusting, mountain climbing, photo-shooting, yoga stretching, beauty vlogging, garden keeping, fund raising, creature loving, adventurer.

Former fashion model and world-wide charity trekker. Passionate about well being with 10+ years in pharmacy with detailed understanding of cosmetic product ingredients and effects.

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